High Efficiency provides expert heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services for condominium managers in the Toronto & Great Toronto Area. 

Since 2005, property managers in the GTA area have trusted us as their HVAC experts. We offer 24/7 support, same-day service, transparent pricing, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our committed customer service team ensures a response to any service request within 4 business hours. We specialize in various condo HVAC services, including suite units, WSHP, PTAC, package units, fan coils, and more.


Condo HVAC Services

Preventive Maintenance 

Regular preventive maintenance for commercial heating and cooling systems can reduce operating costs and prevent unexpected breakdowns. It also helps avoid expensive water leaks and flooding, especially in condominium ductless air conditioning systems.


We prioritize our customers’ needs, believing that our success comes from putting customer’s interests first. Therefore, we do not recommend unnecessary repairs or unit replacements. Instead, we provide honest and professional advice.


At High Efficiency, our expert team has the experience, certification and training necessary to recommend and correctly install the best equipment and solutions for your needs.

Flooding and Water Leakage Solutions 

We offer water leakage detection solutions for both individual condo suites and entire properties. No installation is required. The device alerts your phone about leaks, unusual water usage, power outages, and humidity levels, even without power or an internet connection.


Projects & Case Studies

Fixing Frequent Flooding Issues in a 30+ Year-Old Building in Downtown Toronto 

Ice buildup and clogged drain pipes caused flooding due to a lack of proper maintenance of the suite’s cooling and heating equipment (the PTAC unit). About 10% of the suites in the building have flooding issues every year. After complete maintenance and adjustment of the sleeve, we resolved flooding issues.

Preventing Elevator Damage in a Downtown Toronto Building 

The clogged condensation pipe of a ductless air conditioner caused flooding and damaged the building’s elevator, which cost more than $200K to repair. We relocated the ductless AC and installed a flood detector that can alert the property manager immediately if water is detected.

Descaling WSHP Units for a 30-Year-Old Building in Mississauga 

Descaling is the process of eliminating scale buildup inside the condo suite’s system using specialized chemical solutions. We removed roughly one pound of sand from each WSHP unit. As a result, repair service calls dropped by 20%, and the utility cost decreased by 10-20% per year after the descaling service.

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