Planning ahead always pays off, and the same is true when it comes to replacing your air conditioner. Here are some signs that your air conditioner is near its end:

  • Your AC is older than 10 years.
  • Your utility bills are high.
  • Your AC requires frequent and expensive repairs or refrigerant additions.
  • Water leaks into your furnace when your ac is running.
  • Your AC is noisy.
  • Your air conditioner is running non-stop but still can’t cool the house.

Air conditioning today is much more energy-efficient, so you can save $150-$300 per season on your utility bill. Modern air conditioners are quieter. Some AC models provide humidity control, auto-cleaning features, and effective air filtration.
Improve the comfort of your home this summer with an energy-efficient system that exceeds your expectations and fits your budget. Contact us for Your new AC installation.

When it comes to AC installation, the 60/40 rule applies. The installation plays the largest role in the long-term reliability of your air conditioner. Rely 40% on your brand choice, and 60% on the quality of your contractor. Many of our service calls are related to poor or incorrect installations done by unqualified contractors. If your Carrier AC is installed by an unauthorized dealer, the warranty will be voided.

Our technicians are NATE-certified and adhere to the code in all jobs that they do. When an installation is unusual or complex, we take time to design a solution. We offer professional AC installation services in the Greater Toronto Area that can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Better Cooling Performance
  • Enhanced safety
  • Fewer repairs
  • Warranty coverage and registration
  • Greater post-installation service
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  1. Book your pressure-free in-home consultation by phone or email;
  2. Meet your home comfort expert: Instant detailed digital quote (with no hidden costs) direct to your email inbox;
  3. Hassle-free AC installation: Carrier® President’s Award-winning NATE-certified installation services;
  4. We handle paperwork for rebate and warranty registration;
  5. Join Service Membership: Easy service and  maintenance with our secure cloud-based customer records platform

Carrier Air Conditioner Installation

Comfort means more than just temperature, it means you chose the right HVAC contractor to install the right air conditioner for your needs. High Efficiency has served the GTA residents for over 15 years. We are proud to partner with Carrier – the inventor of modern air conditioners and a leading name in the HVAC industry. As a Carrier President’s Award winner and Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we are experts in our field. We provide 24/7 support, same-day service, upfront pricing, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Ductless Mini-Split System

No ductwork?
Hot or cold spots?
No problem! Ductless has got you covered.

Nowadays, ductless mini-split air conditioners are more popular due to their advantages over traditional central air conditioners. They are more energy-efficient, quieter, and provide a greater level of comfort.

Customers approach us for a new ductless mini-split system when:

  • There is no ductwork in the house.
  • For the cooling and heating of a new addition
  • One single room in the house is hot or cold

Compared to traditional AC systems, ductless mini-splits have the following benefits:

  • Flexibility: While heat pumps and central air conditioners force cold air through ducts, mini-split systems deliver warm and cool air directly to specific zones in the house. These systems are also easier and faster to install since they do not require ductwork.
  • Lower Utility Cost: Unlike traditional systems that operate in a stop-and-start cycle, these mini-splits operate continuously and save up to 40% more energy! Additionally, you only need to heat or cool the needed room rather than the entire house.
  • Improved Air Quality: The multi-stage filtration of ductless systems drastically reduces the amount of dust, bacteria, allergens, and other particles in the air.

To find out more about how ductless heating and air system can benefit you, call High Efficiency for a consultation.

If you are experiencing the following problems with your ductless AC, you should consult a professional:

  • Not responding
  • A rise in the hydro bill
  • The airflow is not cold enough
  • Excessive condensation, ice build-up, or freezing of the coil
  • Signs of condensate/water leakage from or near the indoor unit
  • No airflow or reduced airflow from the indoor unit
  • New or unusual sounds coming from the indoor or outdoor units

When you need quick, effective ductless mini-split air conditioner repair, you can count on High Efficiency’s professional service. Our NATE-certified technicians are trained and equipped to fix your ductless mini-split AC.

Like your car, maintaining a mini-split unit well will help it deliver the comfort you expect more efficiently and for many more years. We recommend an annual clean-and-check service by an HVAC professional.

When we called for ductless mini-split system tune-up and cleaning, here is what we do:


  1. Inspect, clean, or replace the air filters.
  2. Clean removable parts and the fan.
  3. Clean the indoor coil with a commercially available coil cleaner, followed by a light rinse.
  4. Clean the outdoor coil, possibly with a coil cleaning solution, and rinse.
  5. Inspect all other system components, including the mounting hardware, electrical connections, and refrigerant lines.
  6. Check for a refrigerant leak.

As a homeowner, you can do the following mini-split cleaning. But Keep in mind, your safety should be your number one priority.


  1. Clean the indoor unit periodically to keep dirt and dust from accumulating
  2. Check and clean the indoor unit’s air filter every 4-6 weeks. Turn off the system before opening the cabinet.
  3. With the power off, clean the inside of the cabinet.
  4. Inspect the outdoor unit periodically – remove accumulated leaves and other debris from the base of the cabinet.

You can use a garden hose to clean the coils on the outdoor unit when the power is off – do not use a high-pressure nozzle. Be sure that the unit is completely dry before turning it back on.

Ductless air conditioner: used only in the summer to provide complete home comfort efficiently and quietly.

Ductless heat pump: works as a Ductless Air Conditioner in the summer but also delivers excellent heating performance even when the outdoor temperature plummets to -25ºC.

Single zone: connects a single outdoor unit to a single indoor unit. Ideal for heating a room that doesn’t have access to duct-work.

Multi zone: one or more indoor units connect to a single outdoor unit to provide comfort across multiple rooms. Unlike a central system, a multi-zone system can sense and regulate temperature for customized comfort in each zone.

We are the best AC repair company to call when your air conditioner isn’t working properly or at all. These are some of the most common reasons for an AC failure and some basic troubleshooting tips before you make your service call.

  • AC does not turn on: Check to see that it is receiving power (that is, no circuit breakers are tripped) and that the thermostat is set to “cool”.
  • AC is not blowing cool air:
    1. Make sure your thermostat is set to cooling mode, and then set it lower than the current temperature.
    2. Make sure your filter is clean.
    3. Clear your outdoor unit’s condenser coils of leaves, sticks, or other debris. If there is a thick layer of dirt on the coils, a professional will need to clean them (they are very fragile).
    4. Your air conditioner does not have enough refrigerant, which also indicates a leak in your AC.
  • Weak Airflow: If your filter is clean, weak airflow is a sign that your air conditioner isn’t working efficiently or that there is a blockage somewhere in the ductwork. Broken motors or other serious issues can also cause poor airflow.
  • Frequent Cycling: It’s normal for your system to turn on more often during the hottest days, but it shouldn’t turn on and off rapidly. A system that cycles too frequently may need a simple tune-up or it may be a sign of a bigger problem.
  • Ice Build-up: If you notice that ice is building up on your indoor or outdoor AC unit, turn it off immediately. Make sure your filter is clean. The AC can only be serviced once the ice has melted.
  • Leaking water: The condensation drain may be clogged or the indoor coil may be freezing up due to a dirty filter or low refrigerant charge. The drain should be cleaned and the filter changed if this is the case.
  • Strange Noises or Smells: If your air conditioner is making strange sounds or emitting foul odours, don’t ignore these signs. Call for a professional service.
After you’ve gone through the above basic troubleshooting and your air conditioner is still not working, call High Efficiency for professional diagnosis and repair service. Generally, if your AC is older than 10 years, it might be on its way out, so it might be time to replace it.

  • Check Condenser Coil (Clean as Required)
  • Check Compressor and Condenser Fan Motor Performance
  • Check Furnace Blower Motor Performance
  • Check Air Flow Performance (Adjust as Required)
  • Check System Refrigerant Charge
  • Inspect Capacitors, Relays, and Contactors
  • Inspect Low Voltage Controls, Safeties, and Wiring
  • Inspect and Clean the Drain System
  • Check Air Filter Condition
  • Clean Outdoor coil
  • Inspect Thermostat
  • Confirm Proper System Operation

  • Health and safety for your family: A professional checks electrical, exhaust fumes, and refrigerants before the summer.
  • Prevent emergency repair calls: In our experience, over 60% of repair calls can be prevented through preventative maintenance. It is usually the hottest day of the year when your AC breaks down, so not only do you pay more, but you also have difficulty finding a qualified HVAC company for repair, as all companies are busy.
  • Keep your AC operating at peak efficiency to save on your utility bills.
  • Extend the lifespan of your air conditioner.
  • Maintain your manufacturer’s warranty. Manufacturers usually require regular maintenance as part of their warranty policies.
Regular AC maintenance will save you money in the long run with lower repair costs, less aggravation, and more efficient operation.

Annual cooling maintenance are covered under our Service Membership Program.

Although most air conditioners last between 10 and 15 years, regular maintenance and tune-ups will ensure they perform at their best. Here are a few easy and inexpensive things you could do.

  • Replace or clean the air filter regularly: Air filters prevent dirt, dust, pet hair, and other debris from entering your HVAC system. The airflow into the AC is reduced when the filter is clogged, which might cause ice to build up. Keep your filters clean and changed every three months for maximum effectiveness.
  • Check the drain line: Condensation from your air conditioner drains through the drain line. Algae and debris can clog the drain line over time. Clean the drain line with bleach when you change your air filters. Remove obstruction with a wet/dry vacuum.
  • Correctly set your room’s temperature: Our standard recommendation is to set your room’s temperature at 21-22℃ to be comfortable and to keep the utility bills low. The main concern in the summer is humidity. By removing both heat and humidity from indoor air, your AC system keeps you comfortable.
  • Don’t block the vents: Be sure there is nothing blocking the vents, such as furniture or boxes. When there is insufficient airflow to the HVAC system due to blocked vents, ice can build up.
  • Call professionals for ac tune-up: They know what to look for and can identify problems that could negatively affect the system down the road.

Air Conditioner Repair & Tune-Up

At High Efficiency, we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction. Our comprehensive AC maintenance services are designed to ensure your unit’s optimal performance and longevity. We believe in transparency and honesty, providing you with clear cost comparisons for repairs versus replacements, so you can make informed decisions.

We’re here for you around the clock with our 24/7 support. Our technicians are equipped to handle most repairs on the spot, saving you time and hassle. We’re not just a service provider, we’re a partner committed to the health and safety of your family. Choose High Efficiency for reliable, honest, and efficient AC repair and maintenance.

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