Is Ductless Heating and Cooling Right For You?

Ductless heating and cooling is for any space.

Want heating and cooling in specific zones of your home to the exact temperature you desire?

Ductless Systems provide exceptional year-round heating and cooling that is energy efficient and offers flexible duct-free installation.

There are two types of ductless systems. Which one works for you?

Ductless Air Conditioner:
The ductless air conditioner is used only in the summer to provide complete home comfort efficiently and quietly.

Ductless Heat Pump:
The ductless heat pump works as a Ductless Air Conditioner in the summer but also delivers excellent heating performance even when the outdoor temperature plummets to -25ºC.

Choose from a single zone or multi-zone:

Each type of the ductless units can be connected either in a single zone or in multiple zones.  A single zone application connects a single outdoor unit to a single indoor unit that is ideal for heating and cooling needs within a new room or an existing room that doesn’t have access to duct-work.  In a multi-zone environment, one or more indoor units connect to a single outdoor unit to provide comfort across multiple rooms.

Unlike a central system, one of the advantages of a multi-zone system is that each indoor unit can sense and regulate temperature in their zone so each member of your family can fine-tune the level of comfort that is customized for their needs.

Enjoy maximum comfort and efficiency.

Most modern Ductless Air Conditioners/Ductless Heat Pumps use Inverter Technology to control the heating and cooling capacity of the unit. This technology automatically adjusts the compressor speed up and down by constantly monitoring the indoor temperature changes. They never over cool or overheat your home, and thus provide maximum comfort and efficiency.

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