Why Buy a Smart Thermostat?

Technology makes it easier than ever to raise your home’s IQ with systems and gadgets, from security cameras and Wi-Fi to cutting-edge televisions and appliances. And now you can add into the smart technology mix the smart thermostat. Here’s a look at all the benefits plus information on how you can save money on your purchase.

The smart thermostat has all the smart features you expect.

The ecobee brand is one of the leading smart thermostat brands.

Most thermostats can only read the temperature of the home in one place, and it’s usually a hallway. Some smart thermostats have the ability to gauge the temperature in each room. They work with a room sensor, so you can manage cold and hot spots throughout the house, and ensure you stay comfortable in all the rooms that you use most.

Regulate your comfort when you are on the go.

Wi-Fi controlled thermostats come with a mobile app so you can regulate your home’s temperatures from your smartphone while you are out and about. On vacation? No worries, just change the temperature using the app on your phone.

Thermostat learning to regulate your comfort.

A few leading smart thermostats will learn your routines and will adjust to the way you normally regulate your cooling and heating. You will also receive service alerts and reminders on your mobile device.

Save on heating and cooling costs each year.

Smart thermostats will save on your overall heating and cooling costs each year. Some provide free energy reports to show you how much energy you’ve conserved each month and provide insight into your heating and cooling equipment.

Hardwired and built to last.

Many smart thermostats are hardwired, which means your thermostat isn’t relying on a battery or HVAC equipment to charge itself.

Get a smart thermostat (includes installation) for $75.

Get a smart thermostat installed for only $75 after rebates and special savings with High Efficiency Cooling and Heating. Regular purchase with installation price with High Efficiency is $400, but the first 100 customers to respond to this promotion can have a new smart thermostat installed for $250.

But wait, there’s more to save. Alectra Utilities is offering a $75 incentive. Alectra Utilities would like to recognize your efforts to conserve energy and your enrollment in the Alectra Utilities smart thermostat program. You can receive a $75 incentive by enrolling your thermostat and allowing Alectra Utilities to make brief, limited temperature adjustments this summer. You will receive a $50 bill credit after you sign up, and an additional $25 bill credit if you continue to participate until the end of September 2018.

Plus, you can register for the smart thermostat $100 rebate from Enbridge.

What do these discounts and savings mean for you? It means after rebates and discounts you only spend $75 on your new smart thermostat. Now that’s a deal.

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