Is The Heating and Cooling System In Your Condominium Not Working Well?

Does this happen to you? Your unit seems to be working. It’s making noise! It’s blowing air. But it seems that air is a lot less hot than it used to be, or a lot less cool than it used to be. Eventually it needs to run 24/7, racking up your bills and it’s barely managing to keep the desired temp, or perhaps fails to do that completely. Why does this happen?   

The Why:   Many of Condominium heating and cooling units are water sourced, which means it extracts and dissipates heat by way of water instead of air.  

The building keeps sending the same body of water to your heating/cooling units that is being consistently reheated/re-chilled. Since it is the same water with variable temperatures, the mineral deposits and various organic materials begin to form a viscous sticky greasy substance within that water, causing scale built up in the heating/cooling unit. The oily grease also coats the inner sides of the copper water pipes and coats the sensors/pump rotors.   

When the pipes become scaled up in such manner, they are unable to absorb/give off the heat efficiently, causing lower and lower unit capacity.  In winter, the water inside is hot!  But the water pipes can’t give off the heat as much as they need to. Similarly in summer, the water inside is cold, but your system couldn’t extract heat from your condo.  

When the sensors/rotor blades become coated, they begin to seize and burn out when they try to turn.   

The Solution:  

Periodically, we would come in with pumps and a chemical solution. The solution needs to be biodegradable, capable of loosening and dissipating that oily grease without damaging (whether in short term, or long term) the copper/brass/silver/plastic within the system.   

We would isolate your heating/cooling unit and run the solution through it until it clears out all the scale. On pictures you will see a bucket of clear liquid becoming darker and darker and darker, until finally it’s just a bucket of oily grease. That … is what is inside your unit. 


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