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Breathing Matters

Keep Your Air Fresh While Conserving Energy
Your home was built to be almost airtight in order to be energy efficient. That means it is trapping everything inside (pollutants included). A Heat Recovery Ventilation (“HRV”) is an energy recovery ventilation system designed to replace the stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air without adding extra load to your heating and air conditioning system.

Lifebreath Residential HRV

Lifebreath Residential HRVs are the best choice for ventilating homes or workplaces.

  • Provide fresh air into the building while exhausting an equal amount of stale air to the outside;
  • Help prevent moisture build-up, toxic mold and rot;
  • Lifetime warranty;
  • Ease of maintenance;
  • Maximum airflow design;
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

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