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Condo HVAC Maintenance

Are you experiecing the following common condo HVAC problems?

  • not start properly
  • fail to maintain the ideal temperature
  • become too noisy
  • emit strange odors
  • water leakage and flooding

Can you imagine owning a car that functions optimally without scheduled maintenance? The answer is a definite no!

Similarly, your condo HVAC system will not work appropriately unless you invest in its preventive maintenance.

Many of condo owners don’t realize that maintaining a condo’s HVAC unit is their own responsibility. Your property manager might replace the filters twice a year. That’s not enough. You should certainly take charge and get your HVAC unit checked up and deep cleaned (we called it descaling) for optimal functioning and a healthy indoor climate. 

See wha’ts behind the wall: pictures of condo HVAC units lack of maintenance.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Avoid unnecessary service call

Emergency service call can cost you 3 times more than the cost of maintenance.

Increase lifespan

Professional maintenance of your HVAC unit can increase its lifespan by around 20% to 50%.

Prevent water leakage and mold

An undetected water leak from blocked pipes or accumulated condensation can cause significant water damage to your home and the unit underneath it. Accumulated condensation and dirty filters present the ideal habitat for mold growth.

What maintenace does

Our highly-trained NATE-Certified technicians perform a complete inspection, tune-up and cleaning of your condo cooling and heating system.

What’s more important is the deep cleaning (descaling) showed by this video. Descaling is the process to eliminated the scale buildup inside the condo HVAC system using specialized chemical solutions.

Click here to download our completed guide for descaling.

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